Pet Comprehensive Physical Exams

To preserve your pet’s general health and identify potential problems early on, comprehensive physical examinations for pets, often known as wellness exams or annual checkups, are crucial.

Pet Comprehensive Physical Exams in Kingman, AZ

Wellness exams are an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Having your pet examined by a veterinarian can help spot potential health problems before they become more difficult and more expensive to treat. Whether your pet is coming to Kingman Animal Hospital for an illness or an annual check-up, they will be given a thorough physical examination. Our veterinarians take the time to check your pet from nose to tail by looking in their ear canals, evaluating their eyes and vision, inspecting their teeth, checking for lumps and skin growths, listening to their heart and lungs, examining their skin and hair coat, and palpating their lymph nodes and abdominal organs which lets them check for any abnormalities or masses internally.

Comprehensive Physical Exams

Cats, dogs, and pocket pets age much faster than humans. We strive to examine our patients at least once a year to give them the best possible care. When your pet comes in for a routine wellness exam, our doctors will recommend any needed vaccines, lab work, and preventative care that is best for your pet. Together we can continue to provide quality health care and extend the life of your beloved companion.