Exotic Pet Care

Exotic pet care entails providing unique or non-domesticated pets with specialized care and attention. These creatures have particular requirements that call for specialized knowledge, skill, and frequently distinct habitats or surroundings.

Exotic Pet Care in Kingman, AZ

Kingman Animal Hospital offers health care for birds, small mammals (ferrets and rodents), reptiles, and some wildlife, including birds of prey (owls, hawks, etc.), as well as our feline and canine friends. Because exotic animals in the wild can be considered “prey,” they are very good at hiding illness and injury. By the time an owner notices something is wrong, the condition may already be severe. We recommend your exotic pet comes in for a wellness exam at least once a year to check for health problems.

Exotic Pet Care

Key Aspects of Exotic Pet Care:

  • It’s important to extensively study the species you’re interested in and fully understand their unique needs, behaviors, and health requirements before obtaining an exotic pet.
  • Exotic animals need suitable housing that reflects their natural surroundings.
  • Every exotic pet species has particular dietary needs. These pets need a balanced, species-appropriate diet for optimum health and wellness.