About Kingman Animal Hospital

Kingman Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary medical facility located in Kingman, AZ.

Our Mission

Kingman Animal Hospital aims to provide excellent veterinary care in a family-friendly environment.

Reception Area

Caring For Pets Isn't Just What We Do It's Who We Are

At Kingman Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of our client’s relationships with their pets. We serve our clients by providing the very best veterinary care and service to support all aspects of the human-animal bond, recognizing that both client and patient needs must be addressed at the same time. We know that if we work together and exceed our client’s expectations, we have met our goals.

The KAH Vision

Kingman Animal Hospital is an organization that recognizes and appreciates the contributions of our employees. It’s a place where all our employees acknowledge each other’s strengths while respectfully supporting and coaching each other’s weaknesses. Our hospital is where every employee is encouraged to grow with the hospital, the animals we care for, and the community we live in.

We work in an advanced and growing animal hospital that reflects the quality of medicine and surgery we offer. We create an environment that is welcoming and puts our clients at ease. Entering the hospital will be a positive, Fear Free experience for clients and patients.

Together, we envision a future where animals receive the best care possible, and our community thrives in harmony with its furry companions. Kingman Animal Hospital is not just a place of healing but also a center of growth and connection for all who walk through our doors.